HIPAA Compliance

Our software is designed to help you achieve HIPAA compliance, assuming proper software use coupled with compliant office procedures. Remember that the software only helps you ensure compliance; it is your actual office policies and procedures that will determine whether your office is in compliance.

Privacy Requirements

  • Protect all Patient Health Information (written, oral or electronic format)

Transaction and Code Sets

  • Requires use of standard, specific electronic transaction formats developed by ANSI

National Provider Identifier

  • Unique identifiers for healthcare providers, health plans and patients to increase the efficiency of electronic transactions

Security Requirements

  • Safeguards for physical storage, maintenance, transmission and access to individual health information
  • Similar to the Privacy standard, but pertaining specifically to electronic information


How Our Software Helps

A goal of ezChartWriter is to make HIPAA compliance as easy as possible for your practice.  We offer:

  • Privacy Protection
    • Tracking of PHI releases (on the patient demographics screen)
    • Patient record request/release template
    • Tracking of "Notification of Privacy Practices" given to patients
    • Audit trail of who accessed a chart or patient data
  • Transaction code sets
    • EDI data is sent via clearinghouse to ensure compliance
    • Built in standardized code sets (diagnosis/CPT)
    • Next version will be x12 and HL7 compliant (2009)
  • National Provider Identifier
    • Starting in version 2.5, all claims are complaint with new NPI standards
    • Legacy use of provider numbers remains, but will be phased out
  • Security
    • Password protection of all modules to limit software access
    • Single "Administrator" with overall security responsibilities
    • Customizable "Security Levels" which define user access
    • Auto close after 3 failed login attempts
    • Auto Logoff after a period of inactivity (user customizable time)
    • Exam chart has "Quick Hide" button to hide data quickly
    • Blocking of null (blank) passwords
    • Transaction tracking (audit trail)