The ezClaimBiller module provides you a simple means to add patient and insurance billing to your EMR software, especially if you currently lack a PM (practice management) system. It allows you to create feeslips, print (or upload electronically) HCFA (CMS-1500) forms, track accounts receivable and print itemized statements for patients.


  • Feeslip Creation
    • Create templates for common procedure combinations
    • Standardized CPT/ICD-9 diagnosis codes (or add your own)
    • Enter and track payments easily
    • Extensive help and tutorials
    • Network ready (at no extra charge)
  • Graphical viewing of HCFA form
  • Report and statement generation
    • Fee slip/statement
    • Daily fee totals
    • Accounts receivable tracking
    • Many new reports are coming soon
  • Enter and apply insurance payments; easily write-off or transfer balances
  • Track all transactions for each patient
  •   Works in conjunction with the  ezChartWriter EMR module