What is ezChartWriter?

ezChartWriter is an affordable, ICD10 compatible EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software for Ophthalmic Professionals (optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians). It allows you to track patients, create reports and prescriptions, enter exam data and generate letters. ezChartWriter resides on your local computer and can be networked so that all Windows computers (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 or 10) can see the data. With its many basic and advanced features ezChartWriter offers a secure, affordable and efficient means to add EMR to your practice.

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ezChartWriter 4.7  released

What's New

  • Enter multiple medication Rx's on one prescription.
    Open a patient chart, go to encounters and select <Add New>, then select "Create a New Rx".
  • Full compliance with NPI requirements for claims
    The NPI fields for Facility, Billing Location and Rendering Physician can now be entered.
  • Basic E&M (Evaluation/Management) Coding Wizard for Medicare
    To use the coding wizard, select "Utilities" in an open patient exam encounter.
  • Add attachments (scanned documents, text or image files) to chart
    Easily add files using the Attachment Manager button on the "Encounter List" screen; you can directly scan documents right into the software.
  • Internationalization Options (date format, telephone mask, metric acuities)
    To change settings, go to Admin and select Settings & Options->International Defaults.

The latest version of the ezChartWriter is available in English only.